«Naugrafoak» is an adventure reality show that airs on Eitb1, an autonomous television channel in the Basque Country. We were commissioned to create the graphics and opening for the program, although our work was not ultimately selected, we believe that the effort we put into it should still be seen. The program involves two teams whose ship has sunk, leaving them stranded on an island where they undertake high-risk challenges with a winner declared at the end.

To create the opening, we drew inspiration from various concepts related to a shipwreck, such as a ship’s steering wheel, a bottle with a message inside, a flag weathered by time, and sharks. By combining these concepts, we created the main logo for the opening. To provide a sense of realism, we modeled and animated the logo in Cinema 4D and Redshift.

This was our initial proposal, which was entirely in 2D, except for the bottle, which we created in 3D to add depth and significance to the scene. The setting was an island where two contestants competed to reach the top and plant their team’s flag. Although the idea did not move forward, we believe that the proposal was very elegant, and we wanted to showcase it to demonstrate that not everything works out on the first or second attempt. There is a great deal of effort and hard work behind every project, and sometimes, even the best ideas do not make the final cut.


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